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The Story Behind Galveston Water Temperature

Discover the origins of Galveston Water Temperature and meet the author behind the site.

Our Story

Galveston Water Temperature was born out of a deep passion for fishing and countless hours of fun pursuing gamefish around Galveston, Texas. Our lead tech, an experienced I.T. executive and avid angler, wanted to create a platform where fellow fishing enthusiasts could get accurate and up-to-date water temperature information to enhance their fishing experiences. When we received a request to evaluate the ability of Artificial Intelligence to easily produce complete web sites, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to create Galveston Water Temperature. We've expanded to include guides on local fish species and recommendations for fishing guides and captains. We're proud to be a part of the Upper Gulf Coast fishing community.

Our Goal

Our initial goal in creating Galveston Water Temperature was to evaluate AI's ability to develop complete web sites. Once that was achieved, we shifted our focus to providing accurate, timely information about fishing conditions in Galveston, TX, helping anglers make informed decisions for a successful fishing experience. The AI evaluation was educational and demonstrated that commercially available tools in 2023 can offer a great deal of assistance, but are still very limited in what they can produce, and often make mistakes. This site was started with GPT from OpenAI. It was heavily augmented with content developed by Microsoft's Copilot. Ultimately, integration of API calls to handle temperature data required hands-on programming.

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