• Doing More With Less
    With nearly two decades of experience in the Information Technology industry, I have conceived, designed, and delivered solutions that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to do more with less. I have the experience necessary to analyze and improve processes, understand how the right tools can empower people and organizations, and understand the importance of generating worthwhile return on investment.

  • Good Stewardship
    Being a good steward with our community's money takes practical real-world experience. It isn't enough to propose spending on behalf of our community's needs and desires. If those expenditures are not handled efficiently, our ability to respond will be limited by available resources. The key to responsive representation and reasonable tax rates is efficiency.

  • Responsible Leadership
    Not only must we be as efficient as possible with new expenditures, we should be continually examining our existing services and processes to find new efficiencies. This proactive approach to efficiency sets leaders apart from followers. It is easy to wait and respond when people are upset or when money runs short. Taking initiative, looking for opportunities for improvement, and being a responsible steward of our community's tax dollars is what we need. And is exactly what I will bring to Chesterfield City Council.

Show your support by voting for me in the April 3'rd election for Chesterfield City Council.