Economic Growth Means:

  • New Business for Our Community

    Economic growth in Chesterfield means attracting new businesses to our community. I will continue to foster a business friendly approach while maintaining respect for our neighborhoods and appropriate zoning regulations. Chesterfield has room for growth, and any business would be proud to become a part of our community. By encouraging economic growth, we can ensure a vibrant and healthy economy for our city.

  • Growth for Existing Businesses

    Encouraging and enabling business owners to invest in their business, and to expand their operations will continue to provide jobs and opportunities to our citizens. Chesterfield's economic growth depends upon the growth and success of our businesses. My experience with small business has taught me that business owners work hard to achieve success, and letting them do what they do best is a benefit to all of us.


  • New Hotel Tower at Chesterfield Mall
    Drury Hotels may build a new hotel tower at the Chesterfield Mall location, providing over 100 construction jobs, and 100+ full-time employment opportunities for the community of Chesterfield.

  • Chesterfield Outlet Mall
    The proposed Chesterfield Outlet Mall will bring as many as 2,000 jobs to our community. This development in the valley will be accompanied by improvements to Highway 40 that should help with traffic. My opponent was the only Councilperson to vote against the site development plan.

  • Unoccupied Commercial Lot at Olive & 141
    The unused lot at Olive and 141 is little more than a gravel lot today. This commercial property would support a small restaurant, coffee house, or other business that will improve the appearance of this intersection while providing jobs and convenience for Chesterfield citizens.