Neighborhood Representation

At Your Meeting

Neighborhood meetings, Condo Board meetings, Subdivision Meetings. If you are dealing with an issue that deserves council's ear, I pledge to do everything in my power to be available for you and your neighbors.

Always Accessible

A Full-Time Resident

As a full time resident of Chesterfield, I am available for your organization's meetings, or to meet with you one on one to discuss issues that are important to you. Because I live and work in Chesterfield, I can be available to you.

Communication Options

For Your Convenience

Accessibility means more than being available on certain days at certain times. For your convenience, I can be reached by phone, email, and text message. You may reach me through this web site, or my Facebook page.

Scheduled Opportunities

Your Voice on the Record

Your opportunity to address City Council may be best at a scheduled council meeting where your concerns can be heard by the entire council and the Mayor. If you prefer a more subtle discussion, join me at a scheduled brunch or lunch to make certain your voice is heard.